Group Profile
Youngy Group is a large investment holding group that integrates industry, technology, and finance.
Group Profile

Established in 1995, Youngy Group is a large investment holding group that integrates industrial operations, technological development, and financial investments. Currently, the market value of Rongjie's invested companies exceeds 900 billion RMB, with assets totaling over 300 billion RMB and annual revenue surpassing 350 billion RMB. The group employs over 350,000 people and operates in more than ten industries, including new energy, display technology, education technology, biopharmaceuticals, resource development and processing, and technological innovation and financial investments.

Youngy Group has established industrial bases and branch institutions in numerous countries and regions worldwide. In the new energy sector, the group has implemented a complete industry chain layout, spanning from upstream lithium resources to midstream lithium battery materials and equipment, and downstream lithium battery manufacturing and recycling.

Group Profile
billion yuan
Annual revenue
billion yuan
Asset scale
billion yuan
Market value of investment
Lv Xiangyang
Chairman of Youngy Group
Co-founder of BYD (002594.SZ)
Respected as the "Father of China's New Energy Industry" and "China's Buffett"
Consistently ranked among the top in Forbes, Hurun Rich List, New Fortune, and other rankings for 20 consecutive years
Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Manufacturers Association
Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Association for the Promotion of Industrial Development
Vice Chairman of BYD Charity Foundation
Honorary Chairman of Anhui Chamber of Commence, Guangdong Province
Outstanding Contribution Award to China's Private Economy
Leading figure in the global Chinese investment industry
Industry Outstanding Figure from 2002 to 2019
Most Respected Entrepreneur by Hurun Rich List
Guangdong Distinguished Merchants
Chairman of Rongjie Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Vice Chairman of BYD Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Rongjie Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Rongjie Health Technology Co., Ltd.
Director of Anhua Agricultural Insurance Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Guangzhou Wenshi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Nanjing Rongjiekang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Rongjie Education Technology Co., Ltd.