Date 2023-11-28
Bay Area Spotlight: Creating A Bright Future with Rongjie"Inauguration Ceremony of Rongjie Nansha Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Base and R&D Center" was successfully held


Bay Area Spotlight: Creating A Bright Future with Rongjie "Inauguration Ceremony of Rongjie Nansha Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Base and R&D Center" was successfully held    On the morning of November 28th, the "Opening Ceremony of Rongjie Energy Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Base and Research Center Project" was successfully held in Nansha District, Guangzhou. Leaders at city and district level, as well as relevant department heads, industry partners, representatives from industry associations, and leaders from Rongjie Group attended the event.


Speech by Lv Xiangyang, Chairman of Rongjie Group

During the event, Chairman Lv Xiangyang of Rongjie Group stated in his speech that the Rongjie Nansha Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Base and Research Center project has been successfully launched after nearly a year of construction. The project has achieved three speed breakthroughs and three technological advancements. First, it set the industry's fastest record for plant construction. Second, it achieved the industry's shortest production time. Third, the team formation efficiency exceeded expectations. Additionally, Rongjie has taken the lead in intelligent and digital management technology, production line design technology, and product technology in factory construction.

The remarkable achievements made in such a short period of time can be primarily attributed to the "Four Forces":    Gravity: The industrial development concepts and policies proposed by the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government, such as prioritizing industries and establishing the city through manufacturing, as well as focusing on major industries, platforms, projects, enterprises, and the environment, have provided strong guidance for Rongjie's success.    Empowerment: The leadership, policies, services, and cooperative partners have been highly supportive, contributing to Rongjie's achievements.    Effort: Rongjie employees are passionate about the company and display strong combat capability, execution power, and synergy, driving the success of the projects.    Strength: Rongjie Group not only possesses strong economic resources but also has extensive resources and a complete industry chain layout in the field of new energy. This provides robust economic and resource guarantees for the rapid construction of the Rongjie Nansha Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Base and Research Center project.    These four forces combined have played a significant role in Rongjie's ability to achieve such milestone results in a short period of time.


Product Introduction delivered by the General Manager of Rongjie Energy

Mr. Zhu Kunqing, the General Manager of Rongjie Energy, provided a detailed introduction to the planning, construction, and future development direction of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing base and research center. He stated, "Typically, production lines of similar scale in the industry require a workforce of 100 to 120 people, but our line only needs 50 to 60 people, indicating its high level of automation. Due to the increased automation, our talent requirements have shifted from traditional operational roles to engineering and technical roles, with a higher proportion of master's and doctoral degree holders. This also lays a solid foundation for the improvement of our equipment and products."


SGS and UL Award Certificates to Rongjie Battery Products

During the production launch ceremony, Rongjie Energy's independently developed battery products were awarded dual certification by SGS and UL, globally renowned testing, inspection, and certification organizations. The North American UL 1973 and UL 9540A certificates signify international recognition of the product's quality and safety, as well as its technological advancement at the international level. This achievement will facilitate the company's further expansion into the international energy storage market.


Scene at the Launch Ceremony

After the ceremony, the attending guests visited the exhibition hall, production workshop, and research laboratory of Rongjie's lithium-ion battery manufacturing base and research center project. They gained a comprehensive understanding of the entire process of lithium battery manufacturing and research, and expressed high recognition for Rongjie's strong capabilities in product manufacturing, rigorous quality control measures, and leading equipment and technology.


Leaders and Guests Visit the Project Exhibition Hall

The Rongjie Energy lithium-ion battery manufacturing base and research center project utilizes state-of-the-art international automated equipment, including high-speed dual-layer extrusion coating machines, rolling and slitting integrated machines, fully automatic winding machines, and fully automatic PACK lines. These advanced machines meet the process production requirements of different battery cell models and produce lithium batteries with superior consistency and safety. Furthermore, digital manufacturing and management are made possible by a collaborative manufacturing platform created using systems like SAP, PLM, MES. This platform incorporates three key components: data management, data collection, and real-time monitoring and analysis of production data including line output and quality.


Leaders and Guests Visit Project Plant 1

The Rongjie lithium-ion battery manufacturing base currently focuses on producing competitive products, including cells, modules, packs, and systems. The cells have capacities ranging from 72-320Ah to meet various needs in residential energy storage, commercial and industrial energy storage, and power station applications. Through innovative research and development in crucial materials like positive and negative electrode materials and electrolyte formulation systems, Rongjie's square aluminum-shell cells hold a leading position in the industry. They feature an industry-leading "fire-resistant" design and have achieved technological breakthroughs in terms of characteristics such as "low-temperature performance, long lifespan, and high safety." Notable achievements include an energy density exceeding 165Wh/kg, charge-discharge energy efficiency surpassing 95%, and a cycle life exceeding 10,000 cycles.


Project Scene

"In fact, both energy storage and power batteries will experience rapid development in the next 10 years. Mr. Zhu Kunqing, the General Manager of Rongjie Energy, expressed utmost confidence in the future development of Rongjie's new energy sector by designating this year as the 'Year of Energy Storage', indicating significant growth potential for the coming decade.  Lv Xiangyang, Chairman of Rongjie Group has strategically focused on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and made bold investments exceeding billions in Nansha. Through diligent efforts and unwavering determination, Rongjie continuously strengthens, supplements, and expands its value chain by constructing one core puzzle piece after another in the lithium energy industry."


Project Plant 1

Moving forward, Rongjie Energy will uphold the development philosophy of being the "Bay Area Spotlight: Creating A Bright Future with Rongjie". With its leading position in the energy storage industry, Rongjie will actively embrace opportunities and challenges. It will strategically plan and navigate its course while embarking on a new journey of high-quality development in the Bay Area's new energy industry.