Date 2023-11-17
Solidifying the Initial Achievements, Creating an Extraordinary Future - Rongjie Energy's first batch of battery cells was successfully produced!


On November 17th, a celebration was held inside the production workshop of Guangzhou Rongjie Energy's lithium-ion battery manufacturing base and research center project (referred to as "the project"). This event marked the completion of the first battery cell and successful production of an initial batch of 2,800 energy storage battery cells. It signifies that Rongjie Energy now has the capability for large-scale production, which is a crucial step forward for Rongjie Group in the field of energy storage batteries. This achievement accelerates investment deployment in energy projects and establishes a solid foundation for the company to seize a commanding position in future development.


The project was officially launched in December 2022, reportedly with strong support from the Rongjie Group. After over 10 months of careful planning and collaboration among different departments, the energy storage battery cell production line was successfully commissioned in September this year. Initially, four battery manufacturing lines were established, with an annual capacity of 10 GWh, ensuring timely delivery of future market orders.


ongjie Energy's battery cells are currently designed for energy storage in homes, commercial and industrial areas, power stations, and substations. These cells have a cycle life of over 10,000 cycles and offer excellent safety performance, making them suitable for various operating conditions. Moreover, they have obtained certifications from the China Electric Power Research Institute as well as authoritative institutions in Europe and the United States. The improvements in performance and certifications can be mainly attributed to Rongjie Energy's innovative advancements in positive and negative electrode active materials, electrolyte formulation, separator membranes, and cell design optimization.

Advantage 1: Positive and Negative Electrode Materials

The positive electrode uses ultrafine lithium iron phosphate combined with long- and short-range composite conductive agents. This, along with a low tortuosity pore design, creates a three-dimensional high-speed electron-ion transport network within the positive electrode. As a result, electrochemical reaction resistance is reduced and charge-discharge efficiency is improved. The negative electrode utilizes isotropic raw materials, surface defect repair technology, and low-temperature graphitization control techniques. By carefully controlling the particle size and specific surface area of the materials, the rate of negative electrode failure during cycling is minimized, leading to enhanced battery cycle performance.

Advantage 2: Electrolyte Formulation System

The electrolyte uses a dual-function film-forming additive to create a stable and dense SEI (Solid-Electrolyte Interphase) film. This reduces the loss of active lithium ions during cycling, while also maintaining high lithium-ion transport kinetics across a wide temperature range. As a result, it improves cell lifespan and enhances adaptability to various operating conditions.

Advantage 3: Optimized Cell Structure and Design Parameters

By calculating internal resistances of various components and optimizing cell structure and design parameters, the migration resistance of electrons and ions is reduced, thereby enhancing the dynamic performance and cycle performance of the battery cell.


In the future, Guangzhou Rongjie Energy will further enhance its technological achievements, conduct top-notch product research and development, and provide comprehensive services. Moreover, Rongjie Energy will accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system to offer strong support, actively respond to the national energy strategy transformation, and collaboratively usher in a new era of high-quality development in the new energy industry while contributing to the dynamic growth of the global energy sector.